These are the goals at Function Center for Health, providing you with therapeutic modalities to optimize your health. Function is a multi-disciplinary clinic in Victoria, bringing together the many years of therapeutic and life experience of our founders. Our mission is to create a center where we can help you to realize the aims you have for your heath. Whether you are looking to restore, maintain or improve your levels of function while navigating the roads life takes you down, we can offer various Massage Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy modalities to assist you.

Our Founders:

Claire Higgins

Claire graduated from the Vancouver campus of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1995. Through her career, she has worked in Vancouver, Comox, and Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos, but has spent the bulk of her time working here in Victoria.

Claire draws on both her personal and professional experience to provide focal, deep tissue treatments, customized to individual’s needs and expectations. Her many years of practical experience give her a strong base from which to problem solve the puzzle that each patient presents. With a wide variety of post graduate training courses in her tool box, Claire brings a unique perspective on how the body acts and reacts to her treatments. As a Reiki Master, Claire also adds an intuitive healing component to each of her treatments.

Claire has also been a Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist since 2003, with training in the Vodder Method of MLD®/CDT. Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle massage technique which helps drain excess fluid from the body by guiding the fluid (lymph) to an area where it can then be integrated into the body’s natural drainage system, the lymphatic system. MLD/CDT is most often used to deal with the after effects of cancer and/or surgery, where the patient is suffering from acute or chronic fluid buildup. It is also very successful in treating burns, edema, acne, bruising and acute swelling due to injury.

With Claire’s wide range of skills and experience, she offers a unique perspective to each client on their road to health and wellness.

Jodi Ganton

Jodi graduated from the University of Alberta in 1988 with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy. She has worked in multiple settings across Alberta, British Columbia and England, initially with an orthopaedic emphasis and then combining this with a focus in pelvic rehabilitation for pain and dysfunction since 2000.

Since graduation, Jodi has completed post graduate courses in incontinence, pain, sexual health, pelvic dysfunction and orthopedics. Jodi has expertise in the management and treatment of both female and male bladder and bowel control, male and female pelvic pain, pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and post natal return to fitness. She also teaches community education classes on pelvic health for the general public as well as for those experiencing the after effects of treatment of pelvic cancers.

Jodi feels that education and a better understanding of the latest evidence is important for people to learn about their conditions, optimize function and return to the activities that are important to them.

Jodi regularly attends continuing education opportunities locally and internationally to stay up to date on the latest evidence regarding the best treatment strategies for pelvic disorders and chronic pain.

Our Therapists:

Gabi Vrana

Gabi graduated from the 3000 hour program at WCCMT New Westminster in 2011 and is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of B.C., as well as the Massage Therapist Association of B.C.

She worked in North Vancouver and Whistler for the past seven years, and just recently moved back to Victoria, where she grew up.

Attending WCCMT and practicing massage therapy, Gabi discovered a passion for anatomy and physiology. She loves learning about the human body and feels it is really important to keep up with recent studies and research.

Gabi feels Massage Therapy is a wonderful profession and she enjoys helping her clients recover or sometimes, just simply giving them time for themselves to relax and escape. She finds it to be a very rewarding job.

Gabi’s style of massage is designed to fit the needs of her clients. She uses techniques such as: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial techniques, joint play, and therapeutic stretching. Gabi’s treatment goals are to increase circulation to encourage tissue healing, decrease muscular tension, improve range of motion and promote relaxation.

In her spare time, Gabi loves being outside in nature with her dog and she also likes reading mystery novels!